Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wieners, fire, and...well....wieners and fire.

In an irritating turn of events, I was forced to get up off the couch during Jeopardy and run to my kitchen because I burned the Schwan's corn dogs. I mean, I literally lit the sticks on fire......flames were coming from my wieners. The smoke alarms were going off. Emma was screaming and holding her head in her hands saying Too Loud! Too Loud!. Grace was yelling "mom, you set off those fire detectors with the corn dogs again! and Trevor had opened the oven door and was waving a hot pad back and forth saying "You lit corn dogs on fire while I was gone, more than once?"


  1. i would like to know if gracie enacted her escape route emergency disaster plan?

  2. Mostly, she was just disgusted that I could let this happen again. Also, while my husband stood there, fanning the smoke with a Santa Claus pot holder (cause that's how we roll)I said "Are you not going to shut all these smoke detectors off????" To which he replied with a shrug and said "they will stop after a while." Men.

  3. and, omg, you used the nick and nora fluffy!