Saturday, June 13, 2009

Souse, Wieners, and wormy buddy

I found these items at the grocery store in Torrington, Wyoming. The first one was squishy if you squeezed it. But also seemed to hold its square shape. The people I asked were unaware of what "souse" was. I may Google it to get a better disposition. However, I also am hungry and need a snack so, feel free if you have the time. The second pic does not do those wieners justice. They are a frightening unnatural color of red. They seriously scared the shit out of me.

In unrelated events, it has been raining here for days. While that is a bonus because it means I don't have to water my plants or my yard (which I tend to forget anyway, I am a plant murderer) it also means that an inordinate amount of earth worms are beached in my drive way. So, Emma has a new best friend. She found him outside in our drive way since it rained all night last night. He is sleeping in her bed. Can you guess what he is? He is a crusty dead dried up earthy worm she has named "wormy buddy". When I freaked out and went on a tirade about how gross this was, She cried and cried. She said he was her best friend in the whole world. She said they needed to be together. I said "Wormy buddy is a dead crusty earth worm you found beached in our driveway." Then, I relented. Its disgusting. But, they needed to beeee together.

Oh, by the way, has anybody else noticed that now 2 out of the 3 posts in this blog include wieners? Hmmmmm.

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