Monday, December 21, 2009

My first Christmas gift this week.

Sometimes, the tv irritates me. Now, sometimes it is a godsend so don't be thinking I am one of "those people". Sometimes tv is a great baby sitter when you stayed out way too late playing beer pong with a golf ball and driving around with a chick in a prom dress in the back of a truck. But I digress, this is about the present I got this week. I shut off the tv after dinner, it was irritating me. My children were VERY sad, they did not appreciate this. They were upset. I figured they would get over it; however, when I went to bed that night I found a gift on my pillow. It was a sock, and in the sock was a rock, and folded note. I unfolded the note, thinking that my child had left me a love note since I had saved her from the evils of television earlier.
The note read:
Dear Mom and Dad,
You are meen. I don't like them. Just meen.
Gracie Smith

Monday, December 14, 2009

Helping others....It's my thing

My baby was so proud of herself for helping kids who might not get presents for Christmas, get presents for Christmas. She picked out 4 things, 2 girl presents and 2 boy presents. Then, she made a video about it......that just happens to be an entry in the PingGadget "Ping Your Thing" contest. PingGadget is a cool next generation micro blogging service. Check it out here:

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This is my favorite ornament, toast. When I was in kindergarten I made this in class. I took a holiday napkin, put it on a piece of toast, and shalaqued the whole thing. I effing loved that toast. Then, when I was about 21, my mother thought she would be clever and stick the toast in my suitcase so when I got home to Boise I would have my favorite toast ornament. Well, it took me a while after I got home to figure out what the crumbled toasty mass was in my suitcase pocket. Her stupid plan destroyed my toasty buddy. So, about 6 years later, my mom and my sister got together one year and made me a new toast. They presented it to me for Christmas. This is it...not the original, but not bad:

This is the new ornament my mom gave the girls this year. They love it. I, love magical mushrooms. Now don't go getting any psychedelic ideas. I just think they are romantic and cute.