Monday, December 14, 2009


This is my favorite ornament, toast. When I was in kindergarten I made this in class. I took a holiday napkin, put it on a piece of toast, and shalaqued the whole thing. I effing loved that toast. Then, when I was about 21, my mother thought she would be clever and stick the toast in my suitcase so when I got home to Boise I would have my favorite toast ornament. Well, it took me a while after I got home to figure out what the crumbled toasty mass was in my suitcase pocket. Her stupid plan destroyed my toasty buddy. So, about 6 years later, my mom and my sister got together one year and made me a new toast. They presented it to me for Christmas. This is it...not the original, but not bad:

This is the new ornament my mom gave the girls this year. They love it. I, love magical mushrooms. Now don't go getting any psychedelic ideas. I just think they are romantic and cute.

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