Sunday, November 15, 2009

Genetics......they are amazing, aren't they?

Friday morning my youngest child got up before everybody else, unannounced to us. When my husband got up to let out the dogs, he found her in our living room...with her blanket, and with the television on. She was mesmerized. This conversation did ensue:
Trev: Emma. What are you doing?
Emma: Watching these people clean. Daddy, come see this. Come watch these people clean with me!
Trev: I'm confused. What?
Emma: Look dad (points to tv) these people are cleaning. We should buy this!

My husband looks at the tv. It's an infomercial for one of those yellow steam cleaner devices. He looks at my daughter. She nods.
Here comes Grace, who has woken up by now.

Grace: Why are you guys watching commercials? You are so weird.

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