Monday, September 7, 2009

Mr. Mantis aka "Mr. will eat your face off"

So, my kids found Mr. Mantis at my sister's, hanging out on her patio. He stayed relatively in the same spot all weekend and sometimes when we would watch him...he would fall over. I think either this was the greatest defense mechanism of all time or he had a traumatic brain injury and was severely disabled. At any rate, when he noticed you were there, he would rear back and waggle his feet at you. Then he would turn his head back and forth, kind of like that scary creature in the movie Alien before it ate somebodies face off. I am pretty sure if you fell asleep on the patio you would have woken up to this dude eating your face off. I am also pretty sure that my kids wanted him for a pet. Fortunately, animals like Mr. Mantis belong outside....patiently waiting to eat my sister or brother in laws faces off. Sleep well Katie and Dennis!

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