Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Excuse me while I go get my bumpit and snuggie while listening to pure moods....

I love infomercials. No really, I LOVE infomercials. So does my sister, I believe there may be a genetic link. As a matter of fact—my love of infomercials is the reason why I can’t have another baby. It’s true! I am currently the owner of a ginsu knife, the ultimate chopper, pure moods 1-7, Tae-bo, and very nearly a food dehydrator. These items were all purchased via telephone at approximately 2:45 am, whilst a newborn baby was nursing like a ravenous animal. Had I been asleep, this probably wouldn’t have happened. However, babies like to eat, therefore, I own a plethora of random crap I don’t use and should probably give away on free cycle. My husband and I have logically concluded that if we had another baby, I would be forced to purchase a snuggie, a bumpit and the WEN hair care system. So, I have made peace with this decision. I do not need a snuggie, a bumpit OR the WEN hair care system. Although I am pretty sure that if I utilized them all at once, I would be so attractive I would have to beat men off with a stick. Perhaps this is my husbands ulterior motive…..he wants to have me all to himself and therefore cannot have me gussying myself up with fabulous items like snuggie (in case you were inept at placing a blanket on yourself) or the bumpit (in case you are inept at ratting your hair like Vince Neil from Motley Crue circa 1984). On second thought, maybe I need to go turn on my tv!

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