Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lack of insight into your own douchebaggery OR why people can't seem to understand they are asshats.

You know, I have been pondering this and the meaning of life for some time now. What does it all mean, Basil? Well, I wish I had answers. What I do know, is that it seems like there are a large handful of douchebags out there that just do NOT know the vast depth of their own douchy-ness, if you will. Now, for today's purposes we are going to focus purely on the internet debauchery that is running rampant. However, feel free to apply these concepts to real life as you see fit. So, take the one upper, internet style. You put something in your Facebook status. They inevitably have to one up you. Every.Single.Time. What about this exchange? Zombie skunks Facebook status: "I had a terrible day, everything went wrong" and inevitably there is this idiocy: Reply from Douchey Mcdoucherton to Zombie Skunk: "Today I had the best day ever! I won the lottery, cleaned my house, screwed my husband and baked a cake. Sorry your day sucked!" WTF???? Seriously? *sigh*
Now we move on to an entirely different category of douchnozzles, the "arguers". You put something in your status and they have to argue with you. Why? Because Facebook is a debate forum? Because you are going to change somebodies political ideology over a status report on a social networking site? Yes, yesterday Douchey Mcdoucherton didn't like my status update on universal health care and said so. Consequently, I changed my political party to Republican. NOT.
Equally annoying are the people who never seem to access the social networking site you are on....not for 3 or 4 months (or they do but can't seem to find the time to interact with YOU)and then BAM! They appear out of nowhere only to post a snotty comment or two on something. Yes, Douchey McDoucherton, my daughter started first grade this year. I got a new job after 8 years and my father in law has a terminal illness. Thanks for not acknowledging those things but then swooping in to plant that snide comment on my link. *eye roll*
Will they ever get it? Will they ever have insight into the error of their ways? Probably not. Fortunately, it's the internet and the "remove" and "ignore" buttons will be getting a lot of play this week. If you are applying this to real life....good luck to you. I hope you live in a rural area.
FYI, it's 42 (the answer. just in case anyone was wondering)

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