Sunday, August 28, 2011

Excuse me manservant, would you like a tooth with those potatoes?

It's nearing the end of dinner. Trevor is helping himself to more mashed potatoes.
Emma: "Daddy, while you are up can I have some more mashed potatoes"
Trevor: "Sure you can"
Trevor: "Um, you need to hand me your plate"
Emma: "Sure thing man servant"
In the 2 seconds my husband was speechless, we all hear a gagging, dry heaving noise and everybody rubber necks over to Gracie.
Me: "Grace! Are you choking?!?"
Suddenly, Grace gags again and out of her mouth flies blood, saliva, and a rather large tooth. She runs to the bathroom. My husband runs after her.
Emma: "Is somebody going to give me those potatoes, because I am still hungry"

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