Friday, February 19, 2010


About 4pm last week I get a call from Trev. There is screaming in the background. "Balleray! I'm in balleray!"

Back up. That morning I had this conversation.

Emma: Today is balleray at the YMCA. I need to bring my balleray outfit because we do balleray today. Just like on Tuesday and Thursday we do swimming.

Me: Ok. Fine, go get a balleray outfit. Hurry up though.

Emma went and got a purple leotard with a tutu, stuffed it into her backpack and off she went.

Fast forward to 4pm phone call.

Trevor: I came to get Emma and she wasn't in class. Her teacher said she told them she goes to the 5 year old ballet class downstairs at 4:00. She told them you paid for it and you packed her ballet outfit. So I came down here and she was in the class. (screaming in the background....TAKE ME BACK TO BALLERAY!) The ballet teacher said she didn't have her roster and Emma was so adamant that her mom paid and sent her in this outfit that they assumed it was true. She said she was in her ballet class so they let her stay. Did you pay for ballet this morning? Did you send her with this outfit??????

Apparently my child talked her way into the 5 year old ballet class at the YMCA. Then, when my husband went to get her, she wouldn't leave. Clung to the ballet bar in the dance room screaming "YOU CAN'T MAKE ME LEAVE BALLERAY! IM IN BALLERAY!" He had to pry her off.
She still maintains she is in balleray.


  1. This is seriously one of the best Emma stories ever! That child is a piece of work! She makes my heart happy!

  2. I know, huh? They are the bane of our existence and the wind beneath our wings. :-) People keep asking me if her socks are mismatched. Not if you ask her. Those GO together. However, lets just make it clear that they were not sold together at the store. Mmmkay?