Sunday, June 19, 2011

Seriously though..........

You would think, given that I can't seem to shut up most of the time, that I would have a lot more to say in this blog.  Welp, no.  Apparently.  It's been 5 months since I filled you in on Cocky Caw Caw and his bizness and you would think that something fantastical had happened in 5 months.  Welp, no.  Actually, something fantastical did happen.  My grandparents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.  My husband and I didn't kill each other.  My 15 year old schnoodle is still alive.  My parents turned 60.  My niece turned one.  My baby lost her first tooth and then swallowed it and cried for an hour.  My big girl went from a baby 2nd grader to a very sophisticated 3rd grader.  My husband is great at fixing bloody noses and my 5 year old COULD have diabetes.  At least, that's what she announced the other day. My girls sang a duet in the school talent show.  Gracie can play the beginning of a Metallica song on her guitar and Emma wants a drum kit for her birthday.  Hmmmmm.  Apparently quite a few fantastical things happened in 5 months.  

Here are a few pictures I have taken in the five months since we left Cocky Caw Caw and his entourage in Kauai.

In case you were wondering, mocking people IS a pastime of mine.  Sorry.  (not really).  Welp, there it is.

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