Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random musings of a 2nd grader?

So, Grace has a school journal and she has to write one entry per week, about anything she wants. The teacher corrects her spelling and grammar (which pisses Gracie off), and asks some questions for her to answer. Anyway, the first entry was about our trip to Boise and the teacher asked what else she did on the trip so the next entry she talked about the water park. I told her to go ahead and answer UNDER the journal questions and then write a totally new entry about whatever she wanted. I have provided for you, a verbatim excerpt of the journal.
This is the question and answer:

Mrs. B: I love to swim. Are you a good swimmer? Did you go swimming a lot this summer?

Grace: Yes I did. Did you have a good summer? And yes, I'm a very good swimmer.

Journal entry 9/28/2010

Today at school at math time I did 4+4=8 8-4=4. I also learnd 6+3=9 9-3=6 9-6=3 but, I like math it is fun at my school. But, sometims it can get a little boring. Mrs. B, was your school ever a little boring?


For some reason this cracked me up. All of it. Especially how she has decided to ask the teacher questions. Sarah thinks she has a future in litigation. I think she has a future in police interviews. Grace, however, wants to become a veterinarian.

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